General water After Sales Warranty Periods and Its Main Contents

Warranty Periods

Product Warranty Period

The whole machine is guaranteed for 12 months, and consumables are not covered by the warranty.

Whole House Water Filters
Whole House Water Softeners
Drinking Water Products
Commercial Water Products

Warranty Details

  1. 1

    Our products come into effect start from the date when the user purchases the equipment and obtains the invoice or legal certificate. If the warranty period is exceeded, the user and the equipment supplier shall separately enter into a written agreement to stipulate other warranty periods. If the user holds the additional quality assurance certificate provided by the seller for the equipment, it is the seller’s individual behavior and the seller will provide the additional quality assurance service for the user.

  2. 2

    Any quality issues arising from the equipment itself within the warranty period, the company will repair or replace without charging according to relevant national regulations.

  3. 3

    The following parts are not covered by the warranty, whether or not they are under warranty.

    (1) filter materials

    (2) Vulnerable parts such as sealing rings

    (3) decorative shell and exterior coating

    (4) battery, power adapter and other electronic components

  4. 4

    No matter whether it is within the warranty period or not, faults or losses caused by the following reasons are not covered by the warranty.

    (1) Installation, usage and storage of equipment not in accordance with the requirements or methods of the equipment operating instructions;

    (2) Dismantling or refitting the equipment without the authorization of the our company;

    (3) Use accessories or filter materials not provided by our company;

    (4) External force and water pressure exceed the upper limit of equipment bearing capacity;

    (5) Force majeure factors such as wars and natural disasters;

    (6) Other faults caused by users.

  5. 5

    Please keep the warranty certificate properly. When the company provides the warranty service promised by the company, the user shall show the warranty certificate together with purchase certificate.

  6. 6

    Our company doesn’t make any other explicit or implied warranties or guarantees; Our company is not responsible for indirect losses caused by equipment defects.

  7. 7

    The warranty certificate gives the user the right to obtain the equipment quality relief stipulated in this warranty certificate under the laws of the People’s Republic of China (and only for the purpose of this limited warranty certificate, excluding the laws of Taiwan, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region).

General water Charging Criteria for After-sales Service

Charging Range

General water Charging Criteria for After-sales Service

Charging Range

(1)All services not under warranty;

(2)Services within the warranty period, but not due to product quality and installation quality;

(3)Matters not covered by warranty specified in the product specification.

Charging Criteria

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    Charges for out-of-warranty maintenance labor costs

    Product Warranty Period
    Prefilters/Under Sink Water Filters 50 Yuan/Set
    Whole House Water Filters 70 Yuan/Set
    150 Yuan/Set
    Whole House Water Softeners 70 Yuan/Set
    150 Yuan/Set
    Commercial Water Products 80 Yuan/Set
    150 Yuan/Set